PHY 256: Problems


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Getting used to python. Variables, strings, arrays, functions and a few plots. Problem Set #1 Problem Set 1 notebook Solutions
Iterations of a map of the unit interval onto itself, a Feigenbaum plot. Roundoff error. Problem Set #2 Problem Set 2 notebook Solutions
Numerical precision with the Decimal package. Chaotic attractor of the Baker map. Computing a Lyapunov exponent. Problem Set #3 Problem Set 3 notebook Solutions
Trajectories of sand particles in splash craters. Solving ordinary differential equations with odeint. Scaling and rescaling! Problem Set #4 Problem Set 4 notebook Solutions
Excitation of a mass/spring system. Discrete Fourier transform. Problem Set #5 Problem Set 5 notebook Solutions
Using numpy.linalg to find normal modes of linear mass/spring system. Using the inverse transform method to generate numbers for a probability distribution. Problem Set #6 Problem Set 6 notebook Solutions
Random walks of drunken sailors near a ditch. A distribution with a heavy-tail; Levy flights and anomalous diffusion. Problem Set #7 Problem Set 7 notebook Solutions
A finite difference scheme for simulating hydrodynamics in 1D. Simulations of pulsed open and closed cylindrical pipes -analogs of wind musical instruments. Problem Set #8 Problem Set 8 notebook Solutions
Symbolic programing with sympy. Computing commutators of vector differential operators. Problem Set #9 Problem Set 9 notebook Solutions
Phase transitions and ferromagnetism with the Metropolis algorithm and the 2d Ising model. Problem Set #10 Problem Set 10 notebook Solutions
What next? Minimization and fitting data (yawn)! Root finding with Fermi-Ulam problem? 2D Fourier transform and design of a vortex coronagraph? Or Fourier transform of a 1d quasicrystal using windowing and projection? Operations on Q-bits? Generating a random unitary matrix? Networks? Diffusion limited aggregation? Problem Set #11 Problem Set 11 notebook Solutions