Meet the NIR group:


Judith L. Pipher email
William J. Forrest email


Craig McMurtry email, webpage

Senior Programmer and Systems Analyst

Richard Sarkis email, webpage 1, webpage 2

Graduate Students

Candice Bacon email
Rob Gutermuth email, webpage
Ben Sargent email, webpage
Justin Comparetta email

Undergraduate Students

Tom Allen email
Kevin Flaherty email
Melissa McClure email

Friends/Alumni of the NIR group

Matthew Barczys email
Jessica Benjou email
Bob Benson email, webpage
Nathan Clark email
Margaret Drennen email
Mike Dunham email
Jenn Goetz-Bixby email, webpage
Alaina Henry email
Eric Howard webpage
Dawn Peterson email, webpage
Aaron Reichman webpage
Stephanie Sublett webpage
Carl Welch email, webpage

Life at the NIR:

JudyFest pictures (July 2003)


Summer Solstice, 1999

Men of Astronomy Calendar (look only if you dare...)

Infrared Portrait Page

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