AST 242: Astrophysics II
Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics
(Spring 2014)

Lecture notes, Recommended reading and Problems

Instructor: Alice Quillen, Bausch and Lomb Hall 424, Phone:275-9625, Email:aquillen at
Lectures: Wednesday and Fridays 11:00am-12:20, in Bausch and Lomb 315.
TA (grader):

Office hours: None officially, however I encourage students to drop by my office at any time. To make sure I am available, send me a note, suggesting some good times, to arrange a meeting time in advance.

Overview: We will explore topics in astrophysics while introducing fundamentals of fluid mechanics. The class is intended for undergraduate juniors and seniors with a general physics background and some familiarity with astronomy.

Astrophysical fluid dynamics
Course requirements: Grading: problem sets 40%, projects 30%, exams 30%.

Collaboration policy: Collaboration is encouraged. However, problem set solutions and the project must be written alone by each individual in their own words. It is not acceptable to copy problem solutions or parts of a project.

Textbooks and Reading: