An Introduction to Forth

By J. Kevin McFadden

This introduction isn't meant to be an all-inclusive tutorial about Forth, just a simple introduction for users of our near-infrared camera software which uses Mitch Bradley's CFORTH. If you do happen to notice something I have written to be blatantly incorrect or misleading, please let me know!

For an introduction to our DSP software, please sidestep to the DSPSYS index.

  1. Justifying Our Use Of Forth
  2. The Stack
  3. Defining Words
  4. Arithmetic
  5. Making Decisions
  6. Doing It Again & Again
  7. Storage, Strings And Output
  8. Floating Point Numbers & Operations
  9. Afterword
  10. Quiz!
To be added later: For more information on Forth, try Forth Infomation on Taygeta.


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X3J14 dpANS-6 - June 30, 1993 draft proposed American National Standard for Information Systems, Programming Languages-Forth.

You can purchase the above books and other Forth books at Miller Microcomputer Services

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