Adam Frank
Assistant Prof. of Astrophysics
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
University of Rochester
Rochester NY 14627-0171

Research Interests: My interests center on the intersection of astrophysical fluid dynamics, stellar evolution and supercomputer simulations.  Hypersonic outflows occur in a variety of stellar environments producing some of the most beautiful structures seen in the night sky.

Since the governing equations of hydrodynamics are highly nonlinear, the best way to investigate these flows is through the use of computer simulations.  Follow this link to tour a slide set used in a recent lecture on our group's research activities here at the University of Rochester.

Much of my work to date has focused on the origin and evolution of these outflows.  Currently my group is working to understand the formation of "bipolar" (double lobed) outflows at the extremes of stellar evolution. During the process of star formation jets and bipolar outflows are created. We are currently studying these flows using our pure gas dynamical and Magnetogasdynamical models.

 Bipolar Outflows

Bipolar outflows and jets also occur at the end of a star's lifetime.  Currently we are studying the formation of outflows via hydrodynamical shaping mechanisms in evolved stars such as Planetary Nebulae and Luminous Blue Variables

Examples of PNe
Our research work also dovetails into outreach and education efforts.  Currently we are constructing a simulations tool for classroom and planetaria use.
In addition to scientific research I am also a freelance science journalist.  My writing can be found in Discover and Astronomy magazines.